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The DatoRoundup — December 7, 2016


After the recently successful DMS West 2016 event held by LUMA Partners, it seems that everyone is trying to figure out what will be trending in the data, AdTech and MarTech space for 2017. Here are just five snippets of what’s to come. Enjoy!


LUMA: State of Digital Marketing

This year we attended LUMA Partner’s DMS West 2016 and Datorama CEO & Co-founder, Ran Sarig, participated as a member of the the Analytics panel. While that’s exciting in its own respect, we’re excited to share with you the keynote presentation LUMA has made public. Presented by the LUMA team, it focuses on the key drivers in the AdTech and MarTech space, with an emphasis on capital funding and growth. One real bright spot in the market, according to this report, is the rise in scaled, strategic exits in the last year.


Trends to Watch in MarTech Through 2017


By Kristina Knight

We are sure this will be the first of many stories predicting what’s in store for 2017. Knight says that MarTech and AdTech, according to Vin Turk and Sanjoy Ganguly of Madison Logic, will not only continue to be crucial to marketers, but the lines between each will get even harder to decipher. Learn more about what’s in store, now!


The Future of Pipeline Marketing: Trends Marketers Need to Watch for


By Kirsten Craig

This is a much more general set of marketing predictions for 2017 rather than the other stories featured in this week’s round up, which are more MarTech-focused. Here’s two key trends that are proving beneficial for the modern marketer. First, it’s been observed that marketing budgets are increasing in size. This is great news and actually dovetails into the next prediction: Second, with a bigger budget comes greater responsibility to drive revenue. Learn how the marketing profession is changing for today’s practitioners.


Kobielus Predictions for Data Science in 2017


By James Kobielus

You may just be a little too late to catch the December 8 live crowdchat #MakeDataSimple with industry experts. Never mind if you are because here are IBM Data Evangelist, James Kobielus’, predictions for 2017, including the key role of data scientists in survival of their companies. Here’s some of his predictions:

  • Data scientists will have the survival of their companies riding on their success
  • Data scientists will command the coolest R&D projects in every industry
  • The data science skills gap will diminish rapidly

Check out his story on KDNuggets now to see what’s around the bend for data science!


Without Data, Your Marketing Strategy Won’t Cut it in 2017

Marketing Land

By Tamar Weinberg

As complex data analysis tools become more democratized, data-driven decision making is increasingly valued gut feel. Marketing Land contributor Tamar Weinberg explains in this piece how to meet the challenge. She says, “As the shift toward content-based marketing builds momentum, marketers will find themselves under increasing pressure to measure the effectiveness of their publishing efforts. At the same time, marketers have more data available to them than they ever did in the past.”


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