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Five Unconventional Benefits Your Start Up Will Get From a Hackathon


After surviving Datorama’s first ever Hackathon — or “Hackorama” as it was affectionately called — Gur Dotan, a self-proclaimed engineer, MarTech guy and adrenaline junkie, has written this useful piece detailing the five unconventional benefits a start up can get from hosting its own hackathon event.

A three-day affair, engineers from Datorama’s R&D department and our tier-2 support team formed groups to put their heads together to hack away at new, innovative projects.

The takeaway? Dotan says he has now learned that hosting a Hackathon is about so much more than free pizzas and midnight coding sessions under the influence. Two examples: One, it provides an opportunity to let engineers get creative and showcase their skills; and, two, it allows everyone to step into a new role as a product manager, which aids career development.

Read the full blog to understand more insights like these in greater detail.



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