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Datorama Launches Datorama Japan Blog to Provide Localized, Data-Driven Marketing Insights

datoramablogger | 11.18.2016

As Datorama expands its global presence, the company is continuing to grow its outreach to data-driven marketers looking to benefit from a better understanding of the new dawn of marketing.

With this in mind, we are excited to announce the launch of our official Datorama Japan blog. This resource will try to help solve problems that today’s marketers experience by providing:

  • Insights and access to the latest data-driven marketing content,
  • What the industry is saying about AdTech, MarTech, and Data; and,
  • Information about how Datorama solutions can help you in your marketing journey.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading our new blog. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @DatoramaJapan to get up-to-date notifications of new content posted to the blog.

If you wish to contribute content or get more information about our Japan office, please contact Keiko Hirayama at

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