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The DatoRoundup — September 14, 2016


Has the world gone MadTech, asks David Spitz via VentureBeat? Are Marketers becoming more sophisticated when it comes to using and understanding data, asks Jack Loechner via MediaPost? Are VCs spending more on MarTech than AdTech, asks Jack Marshall in The Wall Street Journal? What are the three steps to Data-Driven marketing, asks Laurence Goasduff via Gartner? We feature all these questions and their answers in this week’s DatoRoundup blog. In addition to this great content, we also feature a new resource from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation on everything to do with data-driven innovation. Enjoy!

Maximizing Data in a World Gone “MadTech”


By David Spitz

This is a great analysis by David Spitz of the need to merge AdTech and MarTech. He says that in many cases, the separation was intentional and for good reason — for example, to address privacy concerns in a browser-centric world. However, as everything shifts to mobile, and AdTech and MarTech — often referred to as “MadTech” — collide, it’s now imperative that there be strong communication between the two. The question he asks and answers so succinctly is where does one start?

Marketers’ Ability to Use Data Gains Sophistication


By Jack Loechner

This is great news for data-driven marketers. It would appear that today’s professionals are getting more comfortable with our ability to use data. In fact, this post quotes the recent DMA/Winterberry Group Quarterly Business Review, which says that U.S. marketers reported record levels of confidence in the practice of data-driven marketing and its prospects for growth following the second quarter of 2016. Loechner goes on to say that, “Marketers are also leaving their comfort zones by ‘evaluating new/emergent marketing technologies’ and ‘integrating/activating new data sources,’ both of which were cited by 52% of panellists as a coming priority.”

Why Venture Capitalists are Betting on MarTech Over AdTech

The Wall Street Journal

By Jack Marshall

With the distinction between the AdTech and MarTech sectors increasingly blurring, investors say a predictable revenue model is key, and that is why today’s venture capitalists are choosing MarTech over AdTech, recent figures show. Marshall writes that, PitchBook data suggest U.S. VC investment for marketing technology companies has been steadier than previously reported, reaching over $1.2 billion last year. Investment this year was already close to $1 billion by Aug. 23, which means it’s on track to surpass last year’s amount of investment into MarTech companies.

Three Key Steps to a Data-Driven Business


By Laurence Goasduff

‘Smarter with Gartner,’ indeed! In this story, contributor Laurence Goasduff writes that for chief data officers, establishing a data-driven culture is more a matter of influence than control. What does he mean? Alan Duncan, a research director at Gartner, says, “She or he [Chief Data Officer] must take into account the overall desires and motivations of the organization, the potential impacts on the circumstances of individuals, and understand the broader expectations of the wider ecosystem.” In other words, the CDO must show leadership in three key areas of influence: Business value, cultural change and ethics.

Data from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Wow! What an amazing resource. We are talking about the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundations list of blogs relevant to data innovation. According to the site, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Data-Driven Innovation Project explores the rapid advancements happening in the digital economy as well as the inventive use of data for good. The promise of bigger and better data is a future of greater opportunity and growth. The Foundation is conducting research activities and a series of events around the country in order to highlight this potential. There is also a report you can read on ‘The Future of Data-Driven Innovation.’ We hope to see some more new updates on here soon, as it really is a great resource.


Thank you for reading this week’s DatoRoundup.

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