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The DatoRoundup — September 1, 2016


Another week and another cracking edition of our DatoRoundup blog. This week we feature Sarah Vizard for Marketing Week on Sir Martin Sorrell and his theory that brands are starting to question over-spend on digital; Anto Chittilappilly for Mediatel on ending the AdTech/MarTech division; The great Brian Solis for Forbes on micro-moments and growth measurement; Contently with Nicole Dieker’s mind-boggling social content infographic; Mark Fidelman as ‘someone to follow’ in our new TWEET WATCH section; and finally, Liquid State with five factors driving MarTech.


Sir Martin Sorrell: ‘Brands are Starting to Question if They Have Over-invested in Digital’

Marketing Week

By Sarah Vizard

Sir Martin Sorrell expects further admissions that brands have over-invested in some areas of digital after Procter & Gamble said it went too far in targeting consumers on Facebook. WPP’s CEO Sir Martin Sorrell expects growth in digital ad spend to slow over the next few years as concerns over viewability, ad fraud and measurement impact budgets. We wonder whether companies have just gone too far with their ad spend and targeting or, as we suspect, they are just getting it wrong when it comes to measuring and understanding their campaigns and maximizing their ROI.


Can’t We All Get Along? Bringing the AdTech/MarTech Division to an End


By Anto Chittilappilly

It’s time to build a bridge if marketers are to achieve a clearer view of entire campaigns, writes Visual IQ’s Anto Chittilappilly. How? With smarter ad targeting and smarter customer communication. The way to do that? By breaking down the divide between AdTech and MarTech, so that marketers can target the right audiences — those who bring the highest lifetime values — with the right mix of media, messages and offers. Again, how? By not focusing on metrics like clicks and site visits as a measure of success, marketers benefit from the ability to tie performance back to bottom-line metrics like ROI, lifetime value, and revenue. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Read Chittilappilly’s piece to see how this can be achieved once the AdTech/MarTech walls come down.


Three Questions Every Brand Should Be Asking to Measure Growth in a ‘Micro-Moments’ World


By Brian Solis

If you look at Brian Solis’s bio on it says, “I study disruptive technology and its impact on business and society.” Yes, that is what he does, and very well we might add. So when he says that there are “Three Questions Every Brand Should Be Asking to Measure Growth in a ‘Micro-Moments’ World,” you are going to want to sit up and take notice. We are not going to spoil it for you and list the three questions and how to find their answers. You will have to read Solis’s piece to find out.



Infographic: The Absolutely Ridiculous Amount of Content Consumed Every Minute


By Nicole Dieker

We know it’s out there, an analysis of just how much content we consume, like, share, or comment on, but that doesn’t mean we want to see it visually. Ok, we do, and now thanks to Nicole Dieker we can view it in an infographic. Are you shocked to learn that, in just one minute Facebook users like posts 4,166,667 times, or that Google translates 69,500,000 words. Doesn’t it make you realize why you need data, and proper analysis and reporting, to accurately understand just who, why and what makes people click?


TWEET WATCH: Check out this tweet from Mark Fidelman (@markfidelman) — he is talking about the recent DataXu study results, also noted in the Liquid State piece below.


The Rise of MarTech: Five Driving Factors

Liquid State

We previously featured outcomes from the DataXu, “Modernizing the Mix: Transforming Marketing Through Technology and Analytics” study as reported by Chiefmartec. But this analysis by Liquid State of five factors driving the rise of MarTech globally is very good. They break it down into five key takeaways that came out of the report.

1. 68% of global marketers believe that understanding tech is an essential skill;

2. 70% of global marketing teams have a person responsible for MarTech;

3. Marketing is primarily responsible for MarTech purchases globally;

4. Measuring multi-channel marketing success; and,

5. Growing need for an integrated marketing solution.

Read the full story to learn more!


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