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The DatoRoundup — August 12, 2016


Just for you, DatoRoundup this week includes excellent #AdTech, #MarTech and #Data insights from none other than Emma Quinn via Silicon Republic on how data is supporting Team Ireland at the Rio 2016; Adrian Swinscoe of Forbes admits confusion over all the talk around big data, automation, AI, and analytics; Matthew Nolan for Pega on ways to improve ROI; Derek Edmond via KOMarketing with 15 key visualizations and diagrams from #MarTech 2016; Seán Donnelly for eConsultancy on how marketers are dealing with the MarTech onslaught. Enjoy!


How Data is Supporting Team Ireland at the Olympics

Silicon Republic

By Emma Quinn

Following a summer covering the smart use of sports data analysis, Emma Quinn finds out how Team Ireland is making use of data-driven insights for Rio 2016. From data around a teams’ performance levels all the way through to their sleep patterns, who knew that the results could have such an impact on the results of a sports match? Quinn says, “We are seeing lots of great data-driven insights and innovations in sporting endeavours, transforming sport and sporting performance in almost every field of activity.” Learn more about how data is impacting the world of sports in this intriguing piece.


Can We Stop Talking About Big Data and Start Talking About Business and Customer Outcomes?


By Adrian Swinscoe

Everyone is talking about big data, analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence technologies, but Adrian Swinscoe is still confused and slightly conflicted by it all. In this Forbes piece he states, “On the one hand, I am excited by the impact these technologies will have on an organisation’s ability to deliver improved service and experience to their customers.” But citing real examples from companies such as TALKTALK, Budget Truck Rental, and Bell Canada — as evidence of the promise of these technologies present — he goes on to say he is becoming increasingly concerned about the impact all of this attention is having on some organizations. Particularly when it comes to lack of skill sets, inability to handle the sheer quantity of data, the risk of losing the human touch, and the danger that we are at risk of repeating the same mistakes of the past surrounding CRM technology. It doesn’t get more real and honest than this!


Five Ways to Prove MarTech ROI


By Matthew Nolan

When Matthew Nolan talks about the ways to demonstrate MarTech ROI , he notes that it’s one thing to make a promise; however, proving ROI is another. This is especially true when choosing marketing technology solutions, since the buying process has become increasingly more complicated. Today, there are more than 3,800 solutions are on the market, compared to about 150 just five years ago. The growth seems unstoppable. How does he suggest you overcome this dilemma? By asking the vendor for evidence, of course. Learn more by reading Nolan’s five proof points to ensure the solution “lives up to the sales pitch” and gives you ammunition to satisfy your stakeholders.


15 Key Visualizations & Diagrams From #MarTech 2016

KO Marketing

By Derek Edmond

After attending a MarTech conference, Derek Edmond says that while the marketing technology landscape is rapidly growing, and marketing performance can be measured more effectively than ever before, still there is much more innovation to come. In this KO Marketing piece, they display 15 visualizations and workflow diagrams from various MarTech conference presentations that capture the key objectives and takeaways from the event.


How are Marketers Dealing With the MarTech Onslaught?


By Seán Donnelly

Taking inspiration from NASA astronaut Colonel Hadfield on multi-tasking and self education, Donnelly writes in this piece about what it means to be a marketer in the 21st century. He says, “The reality of modern marketing is that the landscape is changing rapidly due to exponential technology.” While marketers aren’t planning on going to space, he notes that perhaps they can start to think like astronauts and become lifelong learners. It’s an interesting take on the industry-wide debate on the changing landscape of the MarTech industry.


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