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Datorama’s New Slack Functionality Makes Your Marketing Data Collaborative


Datorama already solves one of the toughest marketing challenges by bringing all of your data together. Now it solves another by giving you the ability to communicate around that data.

We are excited to announce Datorama’s new integration with Slack, the leading team communication tool. Slack’s integration within the Datorama platform enables the efficient coordination of all the stakeholders in your data-driven projects. In a fast-paced marketing environment, where data and decision makers are often siloed, converting data insights into action can be a frustratingly long and fragmented process. Datorama’s fully integrated Slack messaging environment helps break down silos, improving and accelerating execution by keeping everyone fully aligned.


In a recent survey over 80 percent of Slack owners and administrators said that Slack increased transparency within their team.

We know today’s business environment calls for diverse data needs across your organization’s personnel, from data scientists making breakthrough analyses, to C-suite executives in need of a high-level view. Now, they can all quickly share their insights and make coordinated decisions, in real time and without leaving the platform. Easy, integrated communication across your staff provides the agility that today’s marketing environment demands.

Our turnkey integration with Slack is live and easy to use. For more details, read the Datorama-issued press release or connect with your account manager.

Below is an example of what a Datorama dashboard looks like with the Slack integration active.


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