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The DatoRoundup — July 15, 2016


In this second edition of our DatoRoundup blog, we’re featuring the best stories dealing with the AdTech, MarTech, and Data space. We share a piece from the brilliant Neil Patel on how to choose the best digital marketing analytics software, a post from Newscred on how good data can save bad marketing, Mark Abay from discusses what the heck MarTech is, and finally, Andrew Birmingham from BrandT, talks about why the merger of AdTech & MarTech is inevitable — and will change everything. Enjoy!


How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Analytics Software


By Neil Patel

Anyone who knows anything about conversion optimization, or growth hacking as it is often referred to, has read Neil Patel. So when he writes an important piece, you are advised to sit up and pay attention. Patel gives advice in this piece on, “How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Analytics Software.” We obviously are a bit bias, but seriously there is some really good advice for you here that should naturally lead you back to Datorama for your marketing analytics needs.


Good Data Can’t Save Bad Marketing


A recent Harvard Business Review article suggested that the downfall of Tesco, a U.K.-based grocery giant, was in part due to an overreliance on data-driven marketing practices. This NewsCred insights posts looks at how this cannot possibly be true when you compare giants like Amazon, Nordstrom, Dollar Shave Club, and other companies, who consistently outperform their competitors through data-driven marketing practices. Supporting Aberdeen Research shows that businesses effectively using customer analytics enjoy a 10.5 percent year-over-year increase in annual company revenue and an increase in customer satisfaction by 8.1 percent annually — all the while increasing the number of positive social media mentions by 14.6 percent annually.


The Key to Successful Advertising Is Empathy — Which Comes From Data


By Alia Lamborghini

It might seem quite a stretch to think that empathy comes from data, but it does.

In this fascinating piece Alia Lamborghini says that, “When we leverage data to provide consumers with more relevant ads, whether diapers for parents or running shoes for marathoners, we are directly reducing viewership frustrations. Viewers no longer have to see the same ad multiple times, or wait for what feels like an eternity for a page to load. Advertisers no longer have to blanket a full age/gender demographic in hopes of reaching their desired audience. And publishers are rewarded with higher CPMs and reduced ad clutter for building high-value audiences on viewability-optimized pages. It’s a win for the brand, consumer and publisher.”

None of this, of course, is possible without accurate data, and the ability to understand it and report it properly.


What the Heck is MarTech?


By Mark Abay

More than just another buzz word, Abay discusses what MarTech actually means. MarTech, according to GroupM’s Director of Technical Operations, Timothy Whitfield, is the domain of a chief marketing officer. AdTech, on the other hand, is the concern of a chief digital officer. Abay then elaborates on how MarTech is different from AdTech, who needs to know about it, how it can help you, and the $60,000 question: What’s coming next for MarTech?


Why the Merger of AdTech & MarTech is Inevitable (and Will Change Everything)


By Andrew Birmingham

In this investigative piece, Birmingham, looks at how MarTech and AdTech are being drawn together after two decades of parallel evolution. What is driving the trend and what are the implications?

Birmingham quotes Marketo CEO Phil Fernandez as saying, “I believe that the [AdTech] industry is rapidly consolidating into Google and Facebook, and globally also around the Chinese versions of these two and a handful of others. This consolidation will completely disrupt the AdTech sector due to the asymmetry of these two giants possessing almost infinite data about their customers, he said.”

Thank you for reading this week’s DatoRoundup!

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