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Rise Above the Details with the Holistic Marketing Concept


Remember those simple days? When marketing was the last department to get budgeted. When your biggest campaigns were logistical not statistical. When you had one database and one or two applications that helped you get things done. Nope, neither do we! Marketing is changing and if it wins, it is going to be BIG! TWEET THIS

After all, in today’s world most marketing departments have bigger budgets, better tech, an explosion of data and WAY more responsibility. How do you step back and take a look at the bigger picture when the landscape just increased 80 percent year-over-year and the jargon became much harder to understand. Take, for example, this definition for ‘holistic marketing’ we found.

“Holistic Marketing is integrated marketing strategy with human-centred process design, for the practical application to manage actions and responsibility, implementation and measurement.”

What does a Holistic Marketing Concept even mean?

STEP 1: Take a Holistic View

Let’s make this easier to understand. Holistic marketing as a concept is exactly what it sounds like, taking a 360-degree view of all the elements of your core business. TWEET THIS

By taking into account the entire lifecycle of a product or service, a holistic marketing concept means creating and developing integrated strategies for brands, campaigns and sales that even crosses departmental boundaries within an organization. The ultimate goal is to create consistent and powerful multi-platform marketing narratives — this is why today’s marketing department’s are taking on more responsibility. Marketers are no longer just accountable for managing advertising campaigns. Marketers are now also being asked to lead successes in sales, finance, customer relations and more. TWEET THIS

There are many benefits to using a holistic approach apart from gaining efficiency, it should also help you gain consistency and align your marketing process. The upside is that your resources should be better directed to where they will be most effective. You should begin to see a reduction in the duplication of efforts and, most importantly, you should also be able to assess risk and address it much sooner, which ultimately should save you money. But how?

Holistic marketing concepts

STEP 2: Own it!

Nothing’s out of reach — whether facing the challenge of big, hairy corporate revenue goals or insights that move whole markets. You have the ability to shape new products, the authority to guide corporate strategy and the responsibility to drive corporate success. That’s what a holistic marketing approach can give you.

STEP 3: Face the Holistic Marketing Challenges

Holistic marketing concepts

Marketing now owns more problems, fights more battles and relies on more skills than ever before. It’s more than likely your data is scattered all over the enterprise, your tech doesn’t work together and your channels don’t talk to each other. Add to this the fact that expectations have multiplied, you now must show ROI and drive efficiency while redefining the customer experience, and create amazing content. It’s overwhelming! Just being aware of your challenges and facing them head-on when planning, strategizing and structuring your campaigns will give you competitive advantage.

You know how the old adage goes, “The first step is to admit you have a problem before you can solve it.”

STEP 4: Focus on the Big Picture

To conquer Holistic Marketing you need to optimize and show your impact on the business as a whole. It’s no longer good enough for you to have access to every microscopic detail. You need to understand how those granular details influence the organization you’re a part of. Take, for example, a social campaign you are running. While you can find out within minutes how well your last seven posts have done on Facebook, you may have to wait weeks to find out social’s impact on your revenue goals. This comes back to that holistic marketing approach we started with, making sure you consistently create and develop integrated strategies across your brands, campaigns and sales by crossing departmental boundaries within your organization and staying focused on the big picture.

Rise Above the Details and Control the Whole of the Holistic Marketing Concept

Simply put, holistic marketing is about being aware of all the elements that form your marketing strategy. It’s an imperative that marketers learn to optimize their departments across channels, products, geographies, customer segments, sales and understand how all these elements impact the business as a whole. The only way to do that is by being in complete control of the data and know how to define and measure your effectiveness.

Tune in next week for our next blog post on how to define marketing effectiveness and make sure you follow us on Twitter @Datorama and LinkedIn for more marketing insights and tools to help you be the best marketer you can be. You can also download our free e-book “The Total Marketing Imperative” here.

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