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The DatoRoundup — July 8, 2016


Data, MarTech, AdTech, big data. Whatever the topic, we will pick up the best content online and feature it in our new, DatoRoundup blog. In this post we’re featuring excellent pieces from Kimberly A. Whitler writing on about how to create a marketing technology blueprint; Rachel Truair of Oracle pondering how data driven are today’s CMOs; Data guru Kirk Borne blogging on on “Marketing and the Data Science Dance,” and more. Enjoy!


How to Create a Marketing Technology Blueprint


By Kimberly A. Whitler

In an interview with Scott Vaughan, the CMO of Integrate, Whitler discusses how marketers can facilitate better technology investment decisions. The interview includes a brilliant example from CA Technologies on how marketers can lead better technology investment decisions through the development of marketing tech blueprints. Quoting Beki Scarbrough, VP of Integrated Marketing at CA, as saying: “The rate of change in MarTech combined with the dynamic needs of our customers, and ultimately our business, is so fast that we are always thinking about what’s next. I can’t imagine having MarTech, digital, product development, operations, IT teams, all with their roadmaps and systems connecting to our marketing stack without a blueprint. That would lead to absolute chaos.”


How Data-Driven are Today’s Modern CMOs?


By Rachel Truair

As part of a regular feature on the Oracle blog, called CMO Corner, Rachel Truair has written about how today’s CMOs must challenge their teams to interpret and then take action using data to drive marketing strategies. Citing a recent Argyle Executive Forum/Oracle Marketing Cloud survey, Truair claims that the results show surprising findings about just how data driven today’s CMOs and their teams really are.


AdTech is Merging with MarTech, but Who’s in Charge? 


By Ray Kingman

This week’s Data-Driven Thinking blog invites Semcasting CEO, Ray Kingman, to share his ideas on the digital revolution in media. Kingman talks about technology as the driving union between marketing and advertising, but wonders who will end up steering the car. The answer to that question he says will play out differently for each brand. But in a macro sense, data will be unified to the point where advertising will become a function of the marketing stack. This makes for a fascinating read.


Marketing and the Data Science Dance


By Kirk Borne, PhD

Kirk Borne is the Principal Data Scientist at @BoozAllen, a PhD Astrophysicist, and most importantly he ♡s Data Science — or so says his Twitter profile. But seriously, he is an important person to follow in this space and he is renowned for his tweets on everything to do with data — this includes his very popular Periodic Table of Predictive Analytics we featured above. In this SYNTASA blog, Borne discusses what he calls the “marketing and data science dance,” which he considers one of the biggest challenges encountered when using big data in marketing. Learn more about it now!


Study: Data Integration Challenges Obstruct Holistic View of the Customer Journey

Marketing Dive

By David Kirkpatrick

Diving right into the challenges of data integration and marketing technology, this piece by David Kirkpatrick looks at the results of a study called, “Context, Commerce and Customer: Best Practices to Exceed Expectations.” The report details the importance of integrating customer data with marketing technology like marketing automation and CRM systems. Apparently, the study found that 17% of respondents were not convinced that achieving this integrated view of data via dashboards was possible at their organizations. Kirkpatrick reviews this and other insights from the report, and suggests advice and further reading resources so that you can take these challenges head on.


Thank you for reading this week’s DatoRoundup!

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