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How Marketing Automation Can Take Your Lead-Gen Campaign to the Next Level


As all marketers know, keeping the contacts you’ve collated over various campaigns interested and in tune with what you have to offer is often a painful, manual task. A chore that gets ever more painful when you realize just how many marketing channels you need to engage with.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the range of excellent marketing automation solutions out there today — here’s a great analysis of the leading marketing automation players — it has never been easier to quickly and efficiently set up and roll out a variety of campaigns — yes, even simultaneously — across all those marketing channels you employ. And the clincher with marketing automation: you can generate more sales with less manual effort.


With a marketing automation platform in place, your marketing efforts truly have the potential to take a giant leap forward. Thanks to a variety of relevant lead-generation touchpoints, the amount of critical data you can source to streamline those campaigns becomes a decisive element in your marketing arsenal.

Keep in mind though, these insights and data are only truly valuable when coupled with a robust analytics platform. Together, they take marketing automation beyond just being the latest buzzword and allow you to quickly adapt, optimize and respond to real-time results. With the right data at your fingertips, you can move forward and implement a winning customer-centric campaign.

There are, of course, lots of important decisions and data to take into consideration when implementing marketing automation, but below we’ve listed three key points to consider when ramping up your lead-generation efforts.

Properly understand ROI

To really hit the marketing automation jackpot, you’ve got to know what you’re looking for. And that means you need to identify smart KPIs across your marketing automation, CRM and analytics platforms. Connecting these three platforms will help you to properly understand ROI — most crucially where the bottlenecks are in your lead-gen campaigns and customer lifecycle — and highlight the channels/media that are producing the most lucrative results.

Embrace an agile approach

​Once you’ve got suitable marketing automation and analytics platforms in place, it’s only a matter of time before a deluge of real-time data starts rolling in. What you’re really going to need is for that data to be automatically categorized, analyzed and presented in a simple interface, so that you can quickly and efficiently respond to the influx of data and make critical decisions on the fly.

Action those data insights

​The ability to make those critical decisions is a crucial part of ensuring your lead-gen campaign is optimized in real-time and yields fruitful results. But even more crucial is the ability to take those previously identified smart KPIs, and your leads, and understand precisely where your ROI is occurring. Once you’re able to attribute the profit from a lead to a specific touchpoint, you can then action these insights to maximize future ROI.

Marketing automation truly can ramp up your lead-generation campaigns to the next level; however, only in tandem with a comprehensive analytics platform will it produce results that will have your marketing team and management really smiling.

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