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Before and After: The Impact of Marketing Intelligence on Four Jobs


Just because everybody on your marketing team has different responsibilities, it doesn’t mean they should be looking at different data. But they do

Different Jobs + Different Data Sets = Inconsistent Results

Your marketing analyst is likely to be drowning in reports, spending lots of time analyzing results pulled from various point solutions. Your digital marketing guru may be focused on the latest social media campaign results but unable to tie them to your offline efforts. The content marketing manager may be driving clicks but doesn’t know that conversions would be higher if his campaign was integrated with social media. Then there’s the CMO who requires comprehensive insight into performance across all marketing channels.


Same Data, Better Results Through Marketing Intelligence

Sure, each team has point solutions to analyze data and track campaign results. But those limit your insight and ability to quickly respond to market changes. When you use true marketing intelligence, you can instantly see the difference.

Your marketing analyst no longer has to spend hours sifting through spreadsheets to arrive at intelligent insights. Your digital marketing guru creates more effective campaigns because they can apply predictive analytics to test ideas in real time. Your content marketing manager can access engagement statistics, SEO data and social analytics to shape and refine content that boosts traffic and results.

Your CMO benefits from all of the actions above. They also know which combination of channels is most effective in driving awareness and conversions, how results map to KPIs in real time and if it’s time to pivot. With intelligence across each channel and insight into the future, they can confidently measure and report on marketing’s performance and connect campaigns to sales and revenue.

To learn more about these and the many other benefits that marketing intelligence can deliver to your business, please see the rest of our posts on the Data & Marketing Blog.

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