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Three Critical Elements Your SMB Lead-Generation Campaign is Missing


You know what it’s like, those endless promotional emails that somehow slip your spam filters and end up in your inbox. Whether it’s email, social messages or the advertising you see on a day-to-day basis — unless the media is truly targeted to your interests or immediate needs — chances are you’ll ignore it or hit the trash button faster than you can read the subject line.

As an SMB marketer, you need to put yourself in the shoes of those prospects you’re trying to capture in your lead-generation campaigns; they have the same information overload we all encounter daily. So, if you really want to get those prospects onboard, it’s time to get smarter about your campaigns.

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Identifying the critical elements required to maximize your lead-generation campaign is an essential part of ensuring your resources and money are being used as efficiently as possible. This, coupled with marketing intelligence, will allow you to track, analyze and optimize your campaign in real time, resulting in smarter, more intelligent marketing.

Here are the three secret ingredients every lead generation campaign should include:

Identify your customer (correctly)

According to Marketing Charts, only 60 percent of online marketers plan to do customer journey analysis to improve their online conversion rates.

Your ultimate goal in any campaign has to be to identify your customer correctly. This should include user-level analysis to evaluate the types of personas you are reaching — or not reaching. Marketing intelligence allows you to quantify and qualify buyer behaviors and accurately assess exactly where you should be focusing your resources. Once you’ve identified your persona “sweet spots,” every element in your campaign can be uniquely customized to respond to their needs.

Directing traffic to the right places

Marketing Sherpa estimates that 44 percent of clicks for B2B companies are directed to a home page, not a landing page.

Driving traffic to a blog post, the home page, or any other page on your website does not guarantee you a lead. To really maximize lead potential, use marketing intelligence data to help optimize your landing page correctly and efficiently. Data gleaned from your marketing intelligence platform can help you evaluate what is working, as well as quickly evaluate and respond in real time to what requires revising.

Also, integrating marketing automation with your lead-generation campaign helps you to couple your customer persona knowledge with where each visitor should be directed to for optimal results. Marketing automation can also be crucial for later when nurturing your lead, by providing on-point, timely content that slowly but surely converts that potential lead into a buyer.

Tracking the source

A survey conducted by ZS Associates reveals that almost 75 percent of respondents said sales teams did not spend enough time on their tracking/CRM platform.

If you fail to track where your lead-generation traffic is coming from, you’ll have no way of knowing what is working — and what isn’t. Combining source tracking with your earlier marketing intelligence of customer personas will allow you to accurately identify what is working for each persona and gain a clearer picture of where your best ROI is happening. This is especially critical for paid campaigns, where you need to pinpoint every dollar spent in real time — and also know where your next dollars should be invested.

Marketing intelligence is the cornerstone of any successful SMB analytics mission. Integrate the three elements above into your lead-generation campaign together with marketing intelligence, and you’ll be on track to making the most of every lead.

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