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13 Must Reads for Managing a Killer B2B Lead Generation Campaign


As part of our never-ending efforts in maintaining our marketing data hub, we continuously trawl the Internet for the very best marketing articles. Some of our recent efforts have been concentrating on B2B lead generation campaigns, so we thought we’d share with you 13 of the gems we’ve recently uncovered.

But first, let’s take a quick look at the difference between B2B and B2C lead generation campaigns, which many still find confusing. With a B2B lead generation campaign, you’ll be looking to directly target specific leads in specialized industries, and looking for ways to get your sales team talking to buyers. You’ll also be managing any B2B lead generation campaign for the long run, with connections nurtured and maintained until your lead is ready to buy or a budget allocated; B2C campaigns are less about the direct conversation and more about connecting with a wider base of users.

Of course, there are a variety of important aspects to consider for any B2B lead generation campaign, and the 13 awesome links we’ve collected below should point you in the right direction in your quest to become the Ruler of All Things B2B Lead Gen.

Some must-have lead generation knowledge

If you’re still looking for a general introduction, or a nice read that lets the world of B2B lead generation sink into your subconscious, this article from Salesforce and this one from the guys at Crazy Egg are truly great reads. Both delve into the general steps for true B2B lead generation campaigns and are worth spending some time reading, together with your freshly poured cup of coffee of course.


And don’t miss this well-respected industry tome from Marketo, in what could be the mother of all PDFs if lead generation is your game. As they put it so succinctly: “In the age of the self-directed buyer, marketers need to find new ways to reach their potential customers and get heard through the noise.

Get social

As we mentioned above, B2B lead generation is about nurturing specific leads with some sort of direct connection. In today’s always-connected world, where better to nurture that lead than on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and, yes, Twitter?

This post from SEMrush provides some great tips for marketing your content and using Direct Messages and hashtags on Twitter to “bring prospects into your pipeline,” while this post from Sales Hacker gives some great insights into discovering prospects via social media channels and subsequently building an engagement funnel with those prospects.

Make your content work

Content marketing is another aspect of B2B lead generation that many marketers often find needs some serious fine-tuning. This great slide show from B2B Marketing highlights some content marketing trends in the B2B sector, and shows just how to make the most of your content assets.

[Source: B2B Marketing on]

Two other articles that sum up some of the finer points of content marketing include this post from Business 2 Community, which stresses why you should steer clear of boring content and tell a story instead, and a great article from Social Media Today, which shows how The Beatles can help optimize your content marketing strategy.


Allocate some ad spend

If you’re looking to really “turbocharge” your B2B lead generation campaign, Customer Think are convinced that allocating some of your ad spend to testing paid social and advertising channels is the way to go. The article has some interesting additional points to help with your lead generation campaigns, so it’s well worth a look.

Lead tactics and nurturing

Perhaps the final step in implementing your lead generation campaign is to ensure you have the right plan in place, that the steps you plan to tick off your checklist are the right ones.

We discovered four great articles that go into some detail about defining your lead generation tactics: this post from Social Media B2B gives some bite-size tips, the guys at Customer Think bring it down to 7 main tactics, while Kuno Creative and Business 2 Community both have a 10-point plan for success.

Once you’re finished with all of your reading, take a look at our marketing intelligence tools that allow B2B marketers to view and analyze the inflow of their cross-channel lead gen data. For more information on Datorama’s Lead Gen Advisor, click here.

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