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For Marketers, We Present the New Criticality for All Businesses

datoramablogger | 08.19.2015

One thing is certain: With the exponential growth of data that’s outpacing Moore’s Law, marketers are getting inundated with information from all angles. For marketers, insight into their data is the marketing organization’s new criticality as businesses of all sizes look to better understand their customers, respond to market shifts and stay ahead of the competition.

There’s just one problem. The old way of marketing that relied on long planning cycles isn’t keeping up with the new pace of the evolving business environment, and marketers are having trouble bridging the gap. Consider this:

“69% of B2B marketing leaders say that conditions change too quickly to keep plans current.”
– Forrester

There is a better way to adjust to a data-driven world and it’s called agile marketing. To understand how the agile marketing methodology relies on data-driven insights as a foundational element, download our new ebook, Agile: Handle with Care, The New Normal of Marketing in a Data-Driven World.

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