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Ask a Journalist: Megan O’Neill, Magisto


‘Ask a Journalist’ is a weekly column where we turn the tables on journalists, asking them their opinions on cross-channel marketing based on their unique vantage points covering the online marketing ecosystem. 

Today we’re reaching out to Megan O’Neill, a web video enthusiast, founder of TubeGeeks and the, head of community at Magisto. Megan was a writer and resident web video expert at Social Times from 2009 – 2013. 

Megan-ONeill-300x300Cross-Channel Marketing Matters: You’ve been watching, following and writing about online video for quite a few years. Can you give me an example of a marketer whom you think is doing a good job with their online video marketing?

I love what Old Spice does. Weiden+Kennedy has been running amazing campaigns for Old Spice a number of years now.

What I like about what Old Spice does, as opposed to a lot of other brands, is that they put a major focus on incorporating their fans into the campaigns. Campaigns like the Old Spice Response Campaign in 2010, where “The Old Spice guy” made personalized videos for influencers and fans, garner a heck of a lot more online attention because fans are excited at the prospect of the 15 minutes of fame that a personalized video or tweet could bring them.

In the campaign that Old Spice ran last March, featuring “Mr. Wolfdog” as Old Spice’s new Director of Marketing, they took things even further. Mr. Wolfdog wasn’t only making videos, but he was tweeting, playing ‘Call of Duty’ with people, hosting webinars about business strategy and even running Google Hangout interviews for an intern. It was, hands down my favorite social campaign of all time – it was zany, fun, and there was something new to look forward to each day for the week the campaign was running.

I like the fact that Old Spice doesn’t just shoot a commercial. Instead, they create full-blown, cross-platform campaigns that keep fans engaged and intrigued.

Cross-Channel Marketing Matters: What’s your favorite device, platform or vehicle for entertainment? For getting news?

For entertainment, I’m a Netflix Junkie. I mostly binge. I like Netflix because you can view it on a TV, on a tablet and you can take it with you on the go. Netflix also has the best original series, in my humble opinion.

As far as news goes, I mostly follow online video news so I read RealSEOTubeFilterGigaOM and AllThingsD (Peter Kafka’s coverage of online video is my favorite because he writes about ‘why something is relevant’ and not only ‘what happened’.) I also like The Daily Dot when it comes to finding out what videos, memes and other ridiculous internet shenanigans are trending right now.

Cross-Channel Marketing Matters: Having covered social media for Social Times starting in 2009, you helped chronicle the rise of social media. Now in 2014, where do you see social media heading in the next two-three years? And how do you see marketers tapping into to these changes in social media?

When I first started working in social media in 2007, brands were saying: ‘What’s Twitter’ and ‘What’s social media’?

Slowly but surely, every single brand has started using social media and all the social platforms have become over-saturated with branded content and advertisements. Now when I go on Facebook, updates from my friends are crowded out by ads for some crazy product I happened to look at on Amazon or someone trying to sell me t-shirts with O’Neill written on them.

In the next few years, social media marketing is going to have to change. Just like today we’ve all become experts in blocking out banner ads, we’re going to become experts in blocking out brands in our social networks and, in order to stand out, brands are going to have to get more creative and find new ways to engage their fans.

Cross-Channel Marketing Matters: 2014 will be the year of ______ (fill in the blank). 

There is a lot of fragmentation in the market right now. Not only are brands overtaking Facebook and Twitter, but they’re also on SnapChat and they’re on Instagram and all over the place. I hope that 2014 will be the year marketers buckle down and come up with new and interesting strategies for using social media that add value to each of these platforms, rather than over-saturating them with branded spam.

Cross-Channel Marketing Matters: Thanks for your time and effort, Megan. 

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