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Ask a Journalist: Nina Lentini of MediaPost Talks First Amendment, Healthcare Marketing


‘Ask a Journalist’ is a weekly column where we turn the tables on journalists, asking them their opinions on cross-channel marketing based on their unique vantage points covering the online marketing ecosystem. 

Today we’re reaching out to Nina Lentini, Editor, Marketing Daily, MediaPost’s daily newsletter for brand and product marketing. Before joining MediaPost, Nina held a variety of PR and news writing and editing positions, including Managing Editor ofAdweek’s AdDay


Nina-LentiniCross-Channel Marketing Matters: As the Editor of Online Media Daily Europe, in your opinion, what do you find different in media in Europe versus the US?

The big difference is the First Amendment.

Britain was rocked by the on-going News of the World phone hacking scandal and there were calls for press regulation. Of course, what the newspaper did there in the case of the slain schoolgirl was over the top.

The public was really shocked by the hacking that went on and they’re trying to figure out a way to keep their press free and not have such awful things happen again.

Both the US and Britain deal with complaints about the way subjects are covered and sometimes organizations get their knuckles wrapped. Both countries process the news in about the same way but when it comes right down to it, our First Amendment is what keeps our press free.

Cross-Channel Marketing Matters: What’s your favorite device, platform or vehicle for entertainment? For getting news?

My laptop. I have MacBook Air, which I work on for about a 10 hour period during the weekdays for work and as a distraction – reading news and checking out friends on Facebook and watching movies. And my mobile phone is a suitable substitute when I’m out walking the dog or having lunch.

Cross-Channel Marketing Matters: What kinds of advertising stories did you cover as the Managing Editor of AdDay atAdweek?

We covered marketing from the agency’s perspective with news stories about accounts won and lost, mergers and acquisitions and personnel changes. We had reports coming in from LA, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston as well as New York, of course.

AdDay was Kenneth Fadner’s (who now helms MediaPost) brilliant idea to offer subscribers a daily update instead of having to wait for the new issue of Adweek on Monday. It was a 4-page glossy that was delivered by messenger throughout Manhattan and faxed to subscribers around the country.

It really was the Twitter of its day.

Cross-Channel Marketing Matters: Can you give me an example of a cross-channel marketing campaign that you’ve seen which was successful? And one which you think didn’t work or fell flat?

The company that stands out in my mind for its cross-channel marketing is Starbucks. Most recently, the company has been offering samples of its Blonde Roast in food stores, drug stores and mass grocery stores like Walmart and setting up pop-up cafes in major cities across the country to dispense samples of its Blonde Roast coffee and support their marketing efforts.

Cross-Channel Marketing Matters: 2014 will be the year of ______ (fill in the blank). 

2014 will be the year of healthcare marketing.

Regardless of whether the Affordable Care Act succeeds, there is now a big emphasis on health and healthcare marketing from the institutions and marketers of health.

Though there are challenges healthcare companies face marketing via social media, these companies are finding other ways to get out there and engage with their customers and patients.

I think that the public also welcomes receiving information from their healthcare providers that gets to them other than through a planned doctors visit. So I do think that there is going to be a big emphasis this year on how to market healthcare to the public.

Cross-Channel Marketing Matters: Thanks for your time and effort, Nina. 

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