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Ask a Journalist: David Kaplan, GeoMarketing


Ask a Journalist’ is a weekly column where we turn the tables on journalists, asking them their opinions on cross-channel marketing based on their unique vantage points covering the online marketing ecosystem.

Today we’re reaching out to David Kaplan, the new Managing Editor at the soon to be launched GeoMarketing, a publication devoted to coverage of mobile local advertising from a creative perspective. Previously, David reported on online advertising forAdExchangerpaidContent, MediaPost and Adweek.

Cross-Channel Marketing Matters: 
What role will mobile marketing have in the future of cross-channel marketing?

Mobile marketing will be the ‘Sine qua non’ of cross platform marketing (and for those who didn’t take Latin, Sine qua non means indispensable).

Mobile itself is kind of limited as a single advertising platform. It’s largely there to further a piece of social marketing or location marketing. The screens are getting a little bit bigger and the broadband speeds are getting a little bit faster so you’ll see more branded pieces there, but it’s an adjunct to other media channels that people use such as their TV or their PC. Therefore, I believe that mobile will remain a complement as opposed to the leading part.

Cross-Channel Marketing Matters: What’s your favorite device, platform or vehicle for entertainment? For getting news?

I’d have to say my phone. It’s always with me, so it therefore does take the #1 spot in terms of my usage, whether it’s for music or videos or getting news while I’m waiting for the train. Even at work, I’m always glancing at it when something pops up on it, so mobile is #1.

Cross-Channel Marketing Matters: Having written about online advertising and marketing since 2000, tell us about one company, trend or technology that has surprised you in its impact on online advertising.

I have been focused a lot on video so I have really been surprised by how a company called TubeMogul has become so central to a lot of the ad agency and marketer conversations I have. Their role – kind of a video DSP – has been played so smartly and so cleanly that it’s been a surprise how they keep coming up in so many conversations that I have had over the past year about marketer’s video strategy. What they’re doing is helping advertisers and agencies plug into the idea of video exchanges and video RTB.

Cross-Channel Marketing Matters: Can you give me an example of cross-channel marketing that you’ve seen which was successful?

The Weather Channel has been doing a lot of really strong cross-channel marketing. Their very niche position as a single idea vertical content play has helped them do a really interesting campaign with Lowe’s before some of the winter storms which played across TV, connected to mobile, tablet, PC – all very nicely. The campaign also made really good use of the individual aspects of the channels.

Cross-Channel Marketing Matters: 2014 will be the year of ______ (fill in the blank).

2014 will be the year of mobile video.

In the past year, advertisers have moved beyond the phase of mobile as an experiment. Mobile will now become a much more prominent piece of most marketing programs, and mobile video will assume a much larger piece of the marketing pie, as well. The realization that people really are consuming longer form content, if not full series, will motivate advertisers to say “We need to latch on to this”. My sense is that mobile, because it is so central but is also relatively new for brand marketers as a medium, will therefore remain as an adjunct to the other established channels that have had a head start, even the PC, but over time, mobile will become the hub of both ad and marketing strategies, online and offline.

Cross-Channel Marketing Matters: Thanks for your time and effort, David.

Stay tuned for next week’s Ask a Journalist interview.

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