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We’re Changing How
Marketers Work with Data

The volume of marketing data is outpacing Moore’s Law. New data sources are coming online daily. How do marketers respond? Datorama is proud to be included in Gartner’s 2016 Cool Vendor Report, where we’re highlighted for Datorama’s unique data integration capabilities and more.

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Gartner Cool Vendor

7 Steps to Data Integration

Integrating all your data, KPIs and stakeholders can seem daunting. Read our latest whitepaper to learn how.

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GoDaddy Saves Time
with Datorama

GoDaddy found greater speed to insight and freed up development resources with Datorama.

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150 Data Sources.
$9.8m in Savings.

Read the Forrester Total Economic Impact study on how Datorama drives ROI for marketing.

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End to End Technology

Connect all your data automatically. Harmonize disparate or messy data sources in our out-of-the-box data model. Analyze your data with cross-channel KPIs and user-friendly visualizations that you can share across your team. Then act on your data to manage campaigns, trigger alerts and even control external platforms.

This is the future of marketing analytics.

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Today’s living marketing data crashes down in countless forms at bewildering speed in colossal quantities. Scores of channels. Hundreds of apps. Thousands of questions.

If your total marketing operation is a mystery,
you’ll be marketing in the dark.


Datorama’s Marketing Integration Engine

A Fundamentally Different Approach


Marketing has the most volatile data set on earth. It defies all efforts to measure its impact, contain it within a single view or manage its unending complexity. Until now.

Datorama is designed to help you present your data beautifully while automating all of the manual data wrangling that keeps you from spending time on strategic analysis and insights.

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Connect all your data sources wherever the data comes from.

Unify all your data whatever format it’s in and however much it changes.

Comprehensive analytics optimized for marketing requirements.

Set goals with alerts and workflow triggers within Datorama and third-party platforms.

Thousands of leading companies use Datorama

"We’ve never had a more comprehensive marketing view across all our brands’ multi-channel campaigns."

Christophe Eymery

Head of Digital, L’Oreal
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