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How AI is Transforming Marketing

Few technological advances complement marketing as well as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. With a role in everything from data integration to insight generation, AI enables marketers to scale endlessly while never missing an insight.

In our latest whitepaper, we laid out exactly where AI fits and how it helps activate marketing as an engine of growth.

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7 Steps to Data Integration

Integrating all your data, KPIs and stakeholders can seem daunting. Read our latest whitepaper to learn how.

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GoDaddy Saves Time
with Datorama

GoDaddy found greater speed to insight and freed up development resources with Datorama.

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150 Data Sources.
$9.8m in Savings.

Read the Forrester Total Economic Impact study on how Datorama drives ROI for marketing.

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Marketers are smart.

Marketers in control of their performance are smarter.


your data automatically, regardless of location or format.


your disparate data automatically for cross-channel analysis with our embedded AI.


your data with dashboards and cross-channel KPIs, AI-powered insights and advanced analytics.


on your data to manage campaigns, trigger alerts and automate decisions in external platforms.

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A Smarter Technology Approach

Marketing analytics can be tough. Our platform is designed to make it as seamless as possible. Datorama automates data integration and harmonization, so you can spend less time data wrangling and more time finding insights. On top of our data layer, we offer easy to use visualizations and advanced analytics so you can ask questions and collaborate with your peers at the speed of marketing.

Becoming data-driven has never been so easy.

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Solutions that Mature
with your Marketing Intelligence

Marketing reporting is smart. Marketing performance optimization is smarter. From unifying cross-channel campaigns to optimizing customer experience insights, Datorama gives each of your stakeholders the intelligence they need to make the right decision, faster. Datorama is built to handle enterprise, agency and publisher data– and is uniquely optimized for each type of organization.

Learn how we can help you transform data complexity into knowledge and action– to solve today’s toughest questions and tomorrow’s.

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"We’ve never had a more comprehensive marketing view across all our brands’ multi-channel campaigns."

Christophe Eymery

Head of Digital, L’Oreal
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