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How our customers use marketing intelligence

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Change how you run marketing

One Platform for all your marketing data, investments, KPIs, and decisions. Datorama’s AI-powered marketing intelligence puts you in control to connect your data, report across channels and campaigns, and surface the right insights instantly. You can now make smarter decisions at the speed of your customer.
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How AI is transforming marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) enables marketers to scale endlessly while never missing an insight. Learn how AI is transforming marketing.
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IBM is optimizing their performance

The tech industry veteran has diverse global marketing and analytics teams. They centralize and make sense of all their data with Datorama.
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Read our 5 Predictions for Marketing Intelligence in 2018

Artificial intelligence, a renewed focus on agency partnerships, and a new hybrid marketing role are all trends we’ve seen culminating in the state of 2018 marketing.

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One holistic platform for marketers


your marketing reporting across advertising, social, CRM– and anything else in your mix.
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Create expert dashboards,

reports and AI-powered insights to analyze marketing holistically.
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Gain cross-channel visibility

to see which channels, campaigns, and content best drive your KPIs.
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Optimize performance

by making your data actionable with goals, pacing, alerts, chat– and more.
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The Datorama Difference


Our marketing intelligence is holistic

Modern marketing is fragmented. With so many disparate tools, data sources, metrics and customers, marketing teams are overwhelmed and finding it impossible to make sense of the volume and complexity of information available. That’s why Datorama takes a holistic marketing intelligence approach– giving marketers one centralized platform to connect, unify, analyze and act on all their data– so the right KPIs and insights are easy to access and act on.

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Our AI driven technology is your #1 problem solver

The variety and complexity of marketing data, as well as marketers’ need for flexibility and control bring manual approaches to their breaking point. Designed by marketers, for marketers, Datorama’s technology makes the impossible, possible. Pervasive AI, machine learning and “in-the-box” marketing expertise put marketers themselves in control– to connect all data sources immediately, unify them for cross channel analysis, and surface the right KPIs and insights in the moment, automatically.

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We’re 100% focused on marketing

Our technology is fueled by our marketing DNA. Our community spans the ecosystem of the world’s best brands, agencies, publishers and platforms. Our expertise comes from partnering with real marketers everyday to deliver smarter decision making and redefine what’s possible. Our laser focus on marketing is your advantage. With Datorama you have a partner that speaks your language and puts all of the right technology in place to put you in control.

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“Datorama is the smarter approach to unifying data. Now we can empower teams to be data-driven marketers. Before, it was all talk.”

Ari Sheinkin

VP of Marketing Analytics, IBM

See why thousands of leading companies choose Datorama.

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See why thousands of leading companies choose Datorama.

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