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Marketing Analytics
as it should be.

  • All of your data.

    Whether it's a handful of data sources or hundreds, easily connect all your data to create a single source of truth.

  • Real-time visibility.

    Replace the paralysis of data silos and outdated reports with continuously updated KPIs, analytics and insights.

  • Full analytics maturity curve.

    Drive better decision making with dashboards and reporting that cover everything from standard KPIs to advanced predictive analytics.

  • Scale your collaboration.

    Get all of your stakeholders on the same page, from non-technical marketers and analysts to data scientists and the C-suite.

Datorama for Marketers

  • Unify all of your marketing.

    Connect all of your online and offline data into a single, actionable view to maximize awareness, engagement, conversion and loyalty.

  • Optimize every campaign and channel.

    See how your investments impact every marketing channel and campaign to take the guesswork out of where to optimize next.

  • Monitor your brand health.

    Monitor your customer satisfaction, brand sentiment, customer service and competition to ensure the optimal health of your brand.

  • Connect sales and marketing.

    Connect the dots between marketing and sales to understand which strategies, channels, campaigns and partners drive the best ROI.

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