The Marketing Integration Engine

All of your data. Wherever it comes from.
No matter how much there is.

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Until now, it’s been impossible to capitalize on all your data
at the point of decision, in real time. Marketing data
moves too fast and it’s too varied. There’s so much
of it, you can’t be sure it’s accurate or relevant.

Our Marketing Integration Engine meets these challenges head on. You get clean, unified marketing data regardless of origin, format, volume or speed of creation. And because you can visualize and analyze all of it in one place, you get the real-time insight you need.

Imagine: The end of silos and the end of laboriously connecting different data sets.

There’s no need to imagine any longer. Make all your data relevant, today.

See how the Datorama Marketing Integration Engine works:

Find out what it means to you

Connect to ANY data in minutes –
wherever it lives, whatever it looks
like and however much it changes.

  • Datorama TotalConnect is a first of its kind data integration capability, allowing you to create API-like connections with any data source containing valuable marketing, sales, service, commerce, or financial data — and whatever else you can dream of.
  • The Datorama API Connector Library provides an extensive selection of pre-built data connectors to integrate your data from popular marketing applications, databases and Big Data platforms.
  • Dynamic Data Modeling leverages machine learning to harness the collective wisdom of millions of data streams already mapped across our platform. So, instead of building a data model from scratch, which is a prerequisite for other visualization and BI tools, our engine does the heavy lifting for you. Best of all, it's not one size fits all. You can create as many data models as you like to serve your different business units and geographies.
  • Data Cleansing and Preparation is key because raw data from applications is never perfect and rarely interconnected. Datorama provides easy-to-use tools for handling data transformations, calculated metrics
    and dimensions, filtered measurements, currency conversions and the normalization of geo-location data.
  • Rapid Time-to-Value is at the core of Datorama Mix, allowing you to flexibly scale, expand and evolve how your data is organized at will. All with no technical skills, data reloads or downtime required.

Leverage a comprehensive analytics suite — from standard KPI reporting
to advanced, predictive analytics — to analyze your total marketing impact.

  • Instant analytics let you quickly load and analyze massive data sets in minutes without the need to create a database or a traditional data model.
  • Interactive Dashboards provide you with the right views of metrics, KPIs and goals to empower all of your decision makers, from your CMO to your digital marketing manager.
  • Extensive visualization and formula libraries allow you to click — not code — your way to analysis, insights and personalized presentation.
  • Automated scheduled reporting provides your teams, clients and partners with the data they need through the delivery methods they prefer.
  • Advanced analytics let you look ahead and deep into your data with statistical modeling, trend analysis, forecasting and predictive analytics — including support for R.

Power true, closed-loop marketing analytics that go beyond reporting to collaboration and automated actions.

  • Advanced goal setting, monitoring and alerts to track progress towards to your KPI targets.
  • Engagement tools for sharing and collaboration through third-party platforms like Twilio and Slack.
  • Automated actions for real-time calibration to send notifications, manage campaigns and even trigger whole workflows like shutting down campaigns in Google AdWords.

Our architecture

Our first of its kind, patent-pending architecture combines the power of modern cognitive computing with hybrid columnar storage and an infinitely scalable semantic analytics layer to deliver groundbreaking data agility, scalability and performance essential to achieving true self-service marketing analytics at scale.

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