Real-Time Visualization

Optimized for Marketers. Share your
total marketing impact with the right people.

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Datorama was built by marketers for marketers. We know that a marketing dashboard is only as useful as the data behind it.

So when your dashboards give you a real-time view of all your marketing data — across channels, regions and campaigns — you get a whole lot more than a few pretty pie charts. And because our Action Center helps you add in goals, notifications, collaboration and campaign triggers, you can really take control of your data.

Datorama makes it easy to design and share everything from your standard marketing reports to complex marketing dashboard visualizations required for advanced analysis and executive-level presentations.

You get instant insight into your total marketing impact — from tactical metrics, like your media spend, to strategic KPIs, like your impact on sales.

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The Insights You Need, Presented with Clarity

Datorama makes it easy to design, share and collaborate around your marketing analytics dashboards with:

  • The right dashboards

    with drag-and-drop visualization widgets to build your own custom dashboards and reports.

  • With the right metrics

    to easily manage tracking targets and goals — from big, hairy corporate goals, like ROI, to more tactical ones, like engagements.

  • For the right people

    to give your CMO a view of your omni-channel performance and your brand manager a view of the brand’s health score.

Visualize Everything

Get real-time insight into your total marketing impact from standard KPI reporting to complex visualizations required for audience segmentation, customer journey analytics, predictive modeling or whatever else you need to tell a compelling story.

We’ve built an extensive library of visualization widgets so you can fuel your reports and dashboards with a real-time view of the most important metrics. Simply drag-and-drop and hit the ground running.

And unlike traditional BI visualization tools, Datorama dashboards and reports let you mash, mix and blend all of your data from every source. There’s no need to do complicated and confusing data joins on the fly — Datorama Mix handles all of that for you, so you can focus on analysis and insights.

Real-time visualization optimized for marketers

Datorama real-time visualizations help you connect the right data, in the right dashboards to the right people. With Datorama you can:

Easily create and update your dashboards with an extensive drag-and-drop visualization library.

Provide the right levels of granularity, segmentation and exploration for each decision maker.

Access and visualize all of your data immediately without having to manually wrangle data.