Datorama TotalConnect

Real-time connections to
any data source in minutes.

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Marketers need total visibility across
every channel, region and campaign.
That calls for data. And lots of it.

Our engine gives you two ways to quickly connect all your data — through our extensive API connector library and through Datorama TotalConnect, our first of its kind solution for integrating any data source in any format in real time — including any and all of your online, offline, direct DB, Big Data, proprietary internal application sources — and whatever else you can think of.

Datorama TotalConnect leverages machine learning to
harness the collective wisdom of millions of data streams already mapped across our platform. So instead of manually connecting all of your data (a prerequisite for other visualization and BI tools) our engine does the heavy lifting for you.

Case Studies

Connect to any data source

TotalConnect's patent-pending connector creates API-like connections with any data source:

  • Whatever it looks like

    to drag and drop any data file — whether it’s a spreadsheet, a .TXT file, or in JSON.

  • Wherever it lives

    to automate its collection via email or leave your data where it is and connect via FTP, HTTP, RSS, REST or automation scripts.

  • However much it changes

    as our dynamic data model handles new data and changes for you in real-time so you don’t have to wait weeks whenever the data’s structure changes.

Automatically map your data

Our engine automatically identifies and categorizes all your data sources so it can intelligently map them together.

So whenever you need to connect to a new data source, our algorithms standardize, map and manage all that data for you. In minutes.

That means all of your marketing data across the entire technology stack is centralized into one single source of truth, giving you the unprecedented flexibility and control to create real-time analytics of any kind, at great scale.

Datorama's Pre-built API Connector Library

API connectors enable instant connections to popular data sources, making the path to insights even shorter. You can:

Connect your data from common platforms in social media, social listening, online advertising, offline advertising, programmatic advertising, ad verification, marketing automation, email, CRM, DMP and more.

Connect your data from your first-party data sources, such as your internal databases and Big Data storages.

Go beyond the marketing tech stack to include sales data so you can connect marketing’s impact to revenue.