Datorama Mix

Dynamic data modeling
at the speed of marketing.

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When it comes to marketing data, change is relentless. New channels emerge, old channels evolve and data sources change constantly. This calls for a fundamentally different approach to data modeling.

Waiting weeks — or even longer — for help every time your data sources or data model changes means you’re always steps behind.

Our first of its kind, dynamic data model solves this problem permanently, allowing you to onboard and organize any new data source — even ones we don’t know about yet — quickly and easily. So you can focus on insight. It changes everything.

Case Studies

Unify all your data

We built our engine to deal with the most volatile marketing data sets. That’s why it’s:

  • Infinitely scalable

    so you have real-time connections to all your data — no matter how much it grows across channels, regions, campaigns and applications.

  • Uniquely dynamic

    so it can adapt to changes in data sources and structures instantly, seamlessly and without any outside help.

  • Intelligent

    so you can hit the ground running with a data model that’s built by our algorithms to meet the specific needs of marketers, based on crowdsourced wisdom.

Adapt to new data sources at the speed of marketing

Traditionally, marketers have had to settle for rigid data models that take a whole fleet of professional services, and weeks or months, to deal with change.

Our engine maintains a dynamic mapping of all your data sources so that you can add and relate new data sources on your own. In minutes.

But don’t just take our word for it.

We tracked nearly 750 of our brand clients across an entire year post-implementation. And, the results were stunning. On average, they connect 70 new data sources per year all on their own. Without ever needing to write a single line of code or ask for outside help.

Automate data wrangling for Good

Datorama Mix is a first of its kind solution that solves the challenge of manual data wrangling. Here's how it's changing the game:

Our dynamic data modeling intelligently organizes data from any source so marketers can get instant analytics without having to do any of the heavy lifting.

We’ve trained our machine learning algorithms on massive marketing data sets to replace the data wrangling that makes analysis so challenging.

Our engine automates data cleansing and normalization, transformations, calculated metrics and dimensions, filtered measurements, currency conversions and even normalizes geo-location data.