Datorama Analytics Center

Analytics, dashboards and reports to
slice, dice, test and query all your data.

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Our analytics center was built for the new breed of data literate marketers who have more questions than answers. Prepare to get your geek on.

Test your hypotheses, validate your hunches and use our advanced analytics to find the most important answers.

As data-driven marketers today, we’re expected to wake up smarter everyday. That’s why a marketing analytics toolset needs to help you cover every standard marketing reporting case while giving you the tools to inject the depth of data science.

Datorama Analytics Center combines the best of both worlds, providing standard descriptive analytics with out-of-the-box and configurable versions of predictive analytics, statistical modeling and intelligent goal monitoring.

All of this allows you to easily build the right dashboards and reports for each stakeholder and contributor in your organization — so your teams can collaborate more effectively and make better decisions to move your marketing and business forward.


Case Studies

Hit the ground analyzing

We’ve built a comprehensive suite of analytics tools so you can do everything from standard KPI reporting to advanced, predictive analytics with:

  • Instant access to your data

    without the need to create a data model or do any of the "janitor work."

  • Extensive visualization and formula libraries

    so you can click — not code — your way to insights.

  • Collaborate and connect

    to discuss insights, questions and actions through your preferred communication channel, such as Slack or email.

  • Advanced Analytics

    to support statistical modeling, predictive analytics, audience segmentation and attribution to name a few.

Analyze marketing's impact

Leverage a comprehensive analytics suite — from standard KPI reporting to advanced, predictive analytics — to analyze your total marketing impact.

Quickly and efficiently analyze everything from tactical, channel-centric metrics to strategic KPIs, like marketing’s total ROI.

Gone are the days when data-driven marketing focused exclusively on silos and fragments.

Datorama handles the 50-80% of a marketer’s time wrestling with data preparation so you can unleash your best analytic minds optimizing and measuring marketing’s total business impact.

Marketing Analytics That Scale With You

Datorama Analytics Center gives you a full toolset to optimize your marketing and impact on the business. This helps you:

Easily create, manage, and personalize dashboards and reports for all of your teams, geographies and stakeholders.

Power better decision making with analytics solutions for enterprises, agencies, publishers, platforms and more.

Push the limits of your data with one-click forecasting, advanced predictive analytics, statistical modeling, intelligent goals and advanced segmentation.