Datorama Action Center

Set goals, trigger alerts, collaborate and
automate workflows in other systems

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Old-school marketers had a year to research, implement, measure and change their programs. Modern marketers have to do it all at the speed at which consumers interact with their brand. That means…..     It’s always on.

Close the loop on your marketing analytics by taking data visualization and reporting to the next step. Stay laser-focused on your customer interactions — and ahead of your competition — with tools that help you stay on track, surface what’s important, connect as a team and manage your marketing stack.

Insight, meet action.

Datorama Action Center is the hub for all of your marketing data, systems and teams. Take your marketing analytics to the next level with a unified action center that delivers intelligent goal monitoring, enterprise collaboration and workflow automations across your full array of best-in-breed marketing technologies.

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Learn. Share. Act. Repeat.

Our action center gives you the tools to rapidly set targets, collaborate, control campaigns and trigger whole workflows including:

  • Advanced Goal Monitoring

    with integrated alerts and forecasting based on your pre-defined KPI thresholds and targets.

  • Collaboration & notifications

    to keep everyone in the loop about the progress being made in real time via Slack, Twilio, email and dashboards.

  • Real-time calibration

    to manage campaigns, control spend and even trigger whole workflows in your other systems.

Close the loop

Shut down your Google Adwords campaign when your CPA crosses a pre-defined threshold.

Alert your CMO when interest in one of your branded pieces of content starts to spike.

Automate your connected coffee machine* to brew you a cup of Joe when you meet your lead generation goals for the month.

Seriously, Datorama supports true, closed-loop marketing for the first time.

*Connected coffee machine not included

Set Your Marketing Analytics on Auto-Pilot

Datorama Action Center helps you close the loop on your marketing analytics so that you can:

Stay focused as you advance towards your goals, measuring progress at every step.

Get notified when key metric or KPIs spike, or fall to optimize and adjust in real time.

Collaborate to ask questions, discuss insights, make recommendations and decide on actions.

Automate actions for real-time calibration to manage campaigns and trigger whole workflows.